We had an idea....

We thought to ourselves... perhaps down the track a Motorhome would be a great idea.
So we listed off the Pros and Cons...and began our research...we poured over the internet...scanning second hand vehicles...and travelled to view some ...both new and secondhand.

We figured this whole process would take us a year .... we knew our budget...and what we were after and we were prepared to wait.

Typical of the universe though.... only weeks into our search the perfect one popped up....

It seemed just what we were after... but it was a little too soon for us. So after much debating we decided to make the 4 hour trip to view it.

We were SMITTEN.... and pretty much knew on the spot that we wanted her.  The previous owner had had it built to specification from new and it was obvious he was sad to say goodbye. We made the decision on the spot and made our way home to finalise the transaction.

She is a Jayco Conquest...and we fondly named her Winnie.. the 'Winenbago' even though of course she isn't actually a Winebago.

The very next weekend we were back to collect her.... so grateful for the thorough instructions on how to use and maintain everything but excited to actually call her our own.

Our first trip was to Ardrossan overnight...Ian in Winnie...and me following wistfully behind in the car.



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