The Make-over begins...

This week we settled into some heavy duty jobs making Winnie more our own.
We decided the curtains..pelmets and bed head were something we could tackle ourselves whereas the seats we would leave for a professional.

I bought the curtain and pelmet fabric from Spotlight... its a triple weave blockout in a neutral grey .. light for the curtains and a darker for the pelmets.

Our home was turned into a curtain factory... it was a combined effort with me on the sewing machine and Ian deconstructing and then reconstructing the pelmets. 
There wasnt an inch of our home not covered by some part of the process... fabric unpickings... stray staples...fabric offcuts... you name it... it was everywhere...

The piece I was the most impressed with was the bed head... we managed to recreate the rolled edge and the piping...and once the buttons were in place it looked totally professional.

There is no doubt the new curtains made a big difference ... we were so happy with them.

Then a few weeks later we got the call to say our seats were ready for collection.... we had chosen a woven charcoal coloured fabric similar to the pelmets to keep it all neutral. A local re-upholsterer did an amazing job and we couldn't have been happier.



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